In honour of Thanksgiving season here in Canada/U.S., A Guide to Going Beyond Making a List of Things You’re Grateful For
Today, the very definition of power is shifting from external to internal standards.
Shifting from Stress, Overwhelm, Burnout & Sacrifice (SOBS) to Purpose, Abundance, Wellness & Support (PAWS)
Unexpected Lessons & Hidden Blessings of Choosing Healing Over Victim
A spoken word piece written for the Light Leaders Talk Series on International Women's Day 2021
Last week, after hosting a full-day event (“daytreat”), I took a ferry to Bowen Island to begin a weekend retreat. As I rolled off the ferry ramp and…
A special blessing for the girls & girl spirits in the Fire & Flower community
(A tribute to my 15-year yoga practice as a forever-humble student)
Let's do dim sum 點心! 🥟🍵🍤🥠🥢 It's Chinese New Year and I'm feeling generous! Enter to win a 90-minute complimentary coaching & strategy session via…
You're Invited to the Sweet Spot Global Leadership Summit hosted by Sarah Francescutti (February 22-25) where I'll be delivering a video teaching and…
Today I take my own medicine and transparently share personal answers to the guiding questions for a Balanced Year-End Review in the previous post.
Call for Real & Inspiring Stories from BIPOC Leaders, Changemakers & Everyday Hero(ine)s ~ Get Published in the Pursuit 365 Book!