Hello Dear Community, Since last summer, I’ve been undergoing a major transition which has shaken up my world a little bit—in a good way! I’ve been…

September 2022

[A 6-Step Guide for Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Visionaries]

May 2022

Join us in late May to mid-June for the Faith, Freedom & Father's Day Series
Last Chance To Access the Recordings Before They Are Taken Down
Join us for a one-of-a-kind, week-long online business & leadership summit offering holistic business training, unique and cutting-edge speakers and…

April 2022

There is something about April that makes me think of money and spirit together.
Mark your calendars May 3-8, 2022, where 20+ experts in 5 days will teach you to create success from the inside out, without the stress and sacrifice.

March 2022

Call for Real & Inspiring Stories from BIPOC Leaders, Changemakers & Everyday Hero(ine)s ~ Get Published in the Pursuit 365 Book!
How I Celebrated International Women's Day

February 2022

You're Invited to the Sweet Spot Global Leadership Summit hosted by Sarah Francescutti (February 22-25) where I'll be delivering a video teaching and…
A Valentine’s Day Ritual To Honour Your True Desires
Let's do dim sum 點心! 🥟🍵🍤🥠🥢 It's Chinese New Year and I'm feeling generous! Enter to win a 90-minute complimentary coaching & strategy session via…